Mobile Computers

Processing information at light-speed is critical to your job performance and safety, and our new MTC-4 provides that capability. Extremely high-powered, it is easy to install and use, with numerous functional and mounting options. You can build the MTC-4 to do exactly what you want it to do, better, faster and easier. See the Specifications tab for all of the MTC-4s unique and powerful features and options.

Mobile Digital Video

Recording, storing, and easily retrieving video data files are increasingly important and necessary functions in evidence gathering for Public Safety. OEM Micro’s Mobile Digital Video System 3 provides a top to bottom solution for recording, adding data, wirelessly downloading, storing and managing those important video files. Designed specifically for Public Safety, the MDVS-3 is as durable as it is functional. Click below to review all of the MDVS-3 features and functions.

Video Management Software

Our server based software applications Wireless Download Manager, and Incident Sorter, reduce the burden of collecting videos from vehicles and allows videos to be automatically cataloged and searched by authorized users.


Recent News

  • Software for the OEM Micro MTC-4 and MDVS-2
    OEM Micro Solutions offers a suite of software for their Mobile Tactical Computers that allows users to quickly and easily capture and catalog videos, as well as search the video archive. This software includes the…
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"OEM Micro Solutions stands apart from the competition when it comes to mobile computing solutions for law enforcement. Not only is the product excellent, the customer support is by far the best I have seen. Having experienced other laptop products, I would not think about purchasing anything but OEM Micro Solutions for the department’s patrol cars. "

-- Lt. Steffan Gaydos, Allen Park Police Dept.

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OEM Micro Solutions

has shipped thousands of Mobile Tactical Computers and Mobile Digital Video Systems to hundreds of departments across the USA.


OEM Micro Solutions has partnered with public safety departments since 2001 in the design of its advanced Mobile Tactical Computers. Building on an impressive history of quality and reliability, OEM Micro continues its leadership in mobile digital video recording for Public Safety with the Mobile Digital Video System.

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