TAC5 Mobile Tactical Computer

Designed and built in the US, the new TAC5 brings more power, connectivity, adjustability and speed of data when officers need it most. OEM engineers spent numerous hours speaking directly with officers on the front lines and the result is a new and improved tactical computer that is the most sophisticated, no nonsense, coordinated mobile office out there.

The TAC5 is smarter, faster and durable and based on response from police officers that are using it – it’s just what they asked for.

About Us

17 years of helping heroes think faster. Even heroes need help. Heroes who safeguard our communities. Heroes who are prepared to put everything on the line, every day they put on their uniform. Heroes who rely not only on good intuition, but good information, to make the right decisions when seconds really count.

This is the realization that drives all our efforts at OEM Micro Solutions.

OEM Micro Solutions TAC5 Mobile Tactical Computer


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"OEM Micro Solutions stands apart from the competition when it comes to mobile computing solutions for law enforcement. Not only is the product excellent, the customer support is by far the best I have seen. Having experienced other laptop products, I would not think about purchasing anything but OEM Micro Solutions for the department’s patrol cars. "

-- Lt. Steffan Gaydos, Allen Park Police Dept.

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OEM Micro Solutions

has shipped thousands of Mobile Tactical Computers and Mobile Digital Video Systems to hundreds of departments across the USA.


OEM Micro Solutions has partnered with public safety departments since 2001 in the design of its advanced Mobile Tactical Computers. Building on an impressive history of quality and reliability, OEM Micro continues its leadership in mobile digital video recording for Public Safety with the Mobile Digital Video System.

Design & Engineering

  • Conceptualization
  • Specification
  • 3D Modeling
  • Production Details
Production & Assembly

  • Hard Drive Duplication
  • System Assembly
Service & Training

  • Technical Support
  • In-Warranty and Out-of-Warranty repairs
  • Production Improvement
  • Cost Reduction Review
Quality Assurance

  • Static-Free Assembly
  • Component & System Testing

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