About Us

17 years of helping heroes think faster.

Even heroes need help. Heroes who safeguard our communities. Heroes who are prepared to put everything on the line, every day they put on their uniform. Heroes who rely not only on good intuition, but good information, to make the right decisions when seconds really count.

This is the realization that drives all our efforts at OEM Micro Solutions.

Formed in 2001, our company was approached early on by a Midwestern Police Department with a very real problem. The in-car police computers on the market at that time couldn’t meet their demand for information, or officer usability—job-critical features that drove their decision making out in the field and on the road. They needed a solution…fast! After numerous conversations—meaningful, open discussions about what they really needed to do their jobs effectively—we developed a computer system that delivered exactly what they needed, when and where they need it most.

Since that time, we have focused our business specifically on the Public Safety sector. In so doing, we’ve developed a special bond with the departments and officers we serve. We’ve come to a deep appreciation for what they put on the line every day. Every time they step out of their vehicle to answer the call of duty. It’s their dedication to their profession and communities that drives us to be just as committed to the technology we put in their hands every day. Technology that delivers the critical data they need faster. So they can make better informed decisions. Split-second decisions that can mean the difference between life and death. Decisions that impact lives and safeguard our communities.

Yes, even heroes need help. And, with our unique understanding and commitment, OEM Micro Solutions will always be there when they call.