OEM Micro Solutions of Farmington Hills, Michigan, an engineering/ design and manufacturer of law enforcement tactical computers, has introduced the TAC5 Mobile Tactical Computer. The TAC5 is the result of analyzing hundreds of hours of direct feedback from officers working on the front lines. The new mobile computer is smarter, faster and more durable, making it the best-coordinated mobile office in the industry.

There are now more connectivity options, including a 4G LTE internal modem, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and the OEM Micro’s versatile Universal Dash Mounting System. The result is a powerful, purpose-built computing and connectivity machine that will provide an extremely fast exchange of information and communication.

Everything is within reach, everything connected, everyone online. The TAC5 user interface is all right up front. The power button, display brightness controls, and the volume control for the internal stereo speakers are all located below the display. With its welded aluminum enclosure and safety glass projected capacitive touch screen, the TAC5 is able to withstand the extremely rugged environment of public safety vehicles.

OEM Micro President, David Downs, stated, “Since we began in 2001, we have prided ourselves in our personal involvement with law enforcement departments. Their direct feedback provides us with a much better understanding of what their needs are and how they’ve changed in today’s work environment. The bottom line is that officers require a mobile computer that’s not only faster, but offers more connectivity options so that they can make better-informed decisions in the field. With the new TAC5, we believed we’ve delivered that and much more.”

Just a few of the new features include:

  • Slimmer and more compact design gives officers more room in vehicle
  • Projected Capacitive touch screen on 12” or 15” LCD monitor
  • Water-resistant keyboards
  • Patented and versatile Universal Dash Mounting system allows the keyboard to be used on either side of vehicle, removed and placed on the lap or against steering wheel
  • Greater I/O connectivity options such as Bluetooth, GPS, 4G LTE cellular and WiFi
  • Larger tactical control buttons located on front of display with full dimmable display brightness

OEM Micro claims the TAC5 to be the most powerful, purpose-built computing and connectivity machine that provides an extremely fast information and communication exchange.

For more information call 248.474.7600, x220

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