Police Cruiser - exterior view

OEM Micro Solutions stands apart from the competition when it comes to mobile computing solutions for law enforcement. Not only is the product excellent, the customer support is by far the best I have seen. Having experienced other laptop products, I would not think about purchasing anything but OEM Micro Solutions for the department's patrol cars. When repairs have been necessary, the turn around time is the fastest I have experienced. When we choose to drive units out to OEM for repair instead of using a pre-paid shipping label, whatever could be fixed immediately was done while we waited. I do not know of any other manufacturer that does this. As an IT administrator, OEM Micro Solutions has made my job easier. More importantly, the officers using the computers everyday are satisfied with the product.

Lt. Steffan Gaydos, Allen Park Police Dept.

In November 2006, our police department purchased seventeen mobile data terminals and seventeen mobile digital video recorders from OEM Micro Solutions, Inc. At the time of this purchase, we believed OEM Micro Solutions products offered the best value for our tax dollars.

We are still very pleased with our decision to do business with OEM Micro Solutions. Their products have performed well and have proven to be extremely reliable. Our officers enjoy ease of use of this equipment as well as the functionality. Additionally, our system administrators have been very satisfied with OEM Micro Solutions prompt and courteous customer service.

Chief Conrad A. Straube, Chief of Police, Willoughby Police Dept.

Our agency has been utilizing mobile data in our squad cars for eight years. During that time we fitted the cars with different configurations of laptops and dedicated mobile computers. We commonly experienced a variety of issues, such as space requirements, durability, daytime viewing of the display, and complicated wiring during changeovers. Having suffered these experiences, we sought answers to these problems in an easy to install system, with an integrated video capability.

A year ago, we equipped our patrol fleet with OEM Micro Solution computers and the MDVS video package. We have been completely satisfied with the performance of both systems and the help of OEM Micro Solutions support staff. The package allows us to reliably dispatch our cars using a voiceless CAD system, while simultaneously running data queries, an electronic citation & crash reporting program, and in-car video. Use of this technology for patrol depends heavily on the convenience of the touch screen display features.

We are appreciative to OEM Micro Solutions for making available value priced equipment to us, and have encouraged other area emergency service agencies to make the change. Keep up the good work!

Lt. Mark Rohloff, Special Services Administrator, Monroe Police Dept.